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Nautilus med Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ)

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Nautilus. Foto af Fraser Cameron

Nautilus med Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ)

Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ)

Onsdag 14/11 2018  20:00
Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ)
Fysisk mime-teater når det er bedst, enkelt og vedkommende

Skørt, absurd, excentrisk og unikt. Den kritikeranerkendte, prisbelønnede publikumsdarling Gaulier-uddannede non-verbale klovn Trygve (udtales ‘trig-vee’) Wakenshaw præsenterer sit wired-underbevidstheds idiotiske værk NAUTILUS.

NAUTILUS er det tredje værk i “undervandstrilogien” af solo-shows, hvor det danske publikum i vinteren 2016 højlydt lo sig igennem to’eren KRAKEN.

Standup comedy elskere stiftede latterfuldt bekendtskab med den mega-gakkede Trygwe, da han optrådte til ZULU Comedy Galla 2017 med åbningsscenen fra KRAKEN. Se hvordan.

NAUTILUS er den største og mest dristige af de tre værker: igennem 75 minutter skifter Trygves tynde og lange kropsform til et væld af tegn, scenarier og vittigheder i et finger-snappende tempo. Trygwe Wakenshaw udfordrer i NAUTILUS genren mimekunst hen imod idiosynkratiske grænser.

NAUTILUS er en hyldest til den menneskelige fantasi. Måske drømmer vi, så vi kan gøre verden til et bedre sted.

‘The new king of silent comedy’ – The Guardian


Alle rabatter er gældende (40-165,-) – Rabatbilletter sælges på www.teaterbilletter.dk.

Anbefales fra 15 år.
Varighed: Ca. 75 min. uden pause.
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Nautilus præsenteres på Baltoppen LIVE i samarbejde med Turnénetværket for Voksenteater. Et netværk af danske scener, der koordinerer udbredelse af nyskabende og eksperimenterende turnéteater. Turnénetværket er støttet af Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst. Se mere: www.turneteater.dk.


In English:
Mad, risqué and uniquely eccentric – Critically acclaimed and award-winning Gaulier-trained clown Trygve (pronounced ‘trig-vee’) Wakenshaw presents his beautifully strange stream-of-consciousness idiocy in NAUTILUS.

NAUTILUS is the third and final instalment in the Underwater Trilogy of solo-shows with aquatic titles (KRAKEN, SQUIDBOY). It’s the biggest and most daring;

For 75 minutes, Trygve’s long-limbed body shape-shifts into a multitude of characters, scenarios and jokes at a finger-snapping pace. Exploring the form of mime to its most idiosyncratic peripheries, NAUTILUS is a salute to the human imagination.

Perhaps we dream so we can make the world a better place.

Duration: ca. 75 minutes, no interval.
Recommended from the age of 15.

‘So magical, so delightfully playful. Wakenshaw leaves his audience slack-jawed with admiration.’★★★★ Scotsman

‘The kind of funny you get when not just the rug but the whole floor and foundations are pulled right out from under you.’ ★★★★ Guardian

‘Trygve is a Loony Toons creation made flesh…you can’t help but be carried away by the pure joy of his madcap landscapes.’ ★★★★ Fest

‘From Wakenshaw’s long limbed rubbery body, multiple characters, animals, even objects emerge. … Nautilus is as intricately written as the most sophisticated comedy show.’ ★★★★ Herald Sun

‘The new king of silent comedy’ – The Guardian

About Trygwe:

Trygve is an award winning performer. From growing up and learning much in New Zealand, he went to study with Philippe Gaulier for two years from 2008. Trygve grew up in Hastings, New Zealand as the eldest of four children. He is the only one in the family to display a passion for theatricality. Soccer was more fun to play if you could devise funny ways of slipping over on or near the ball. (His two brothers are very good at sports,  picking up the slack which Trygve left behind).

Trygve moved to Auckland after high school and began several years of backstage work, bar work, stand-up comedy, flat whites and rollies, opening night parties, schmoozing, flirting, shakespeare, acting, clowning, circus, goofing, devising, and a little bit of local access music television. With his best friend in the whole wide world, Barnie Duncan, he made slapstick comedy theatre shows regularly for short seasons across New Zealand.

Trygve went to Paris to study with Philippe Gaulier and had a wonderful time living in France (though shamefully his mastery of the French language is still poor to non-existent).

After his aquatic-themed trilogy of solo shows (SQUIDBOY, KRAKEN and NAUTILUS), Trygve joined forces first with his best friend Barnie again to create ‘Different Party’ – an office comedy – and then with his one year-old son Phineas Wakenshaw in ‘Trygve vs a Baby’, aiming to answer a question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time: what’s more entertaining – a world famous mime, or a standard baby?

Trygve now lives in Prague, Czech Republic and travels the world performing.


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Nautilus. Foto af Fraser Cameron

Nautilus. Foto af Fraser Cameron

Nautilus. Foto af Fraser Cameron

Nautilus. Foto af Fraser Cameron

Nautilus. Foto af Fraser Cameron