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5 Soldiers af Rosie Kay (UK)

Rosie Kay Dance Company - Dans

5 Soldiers by Rosie Kay. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers af Rosie Kay (UK)

Rosie Kay Dance Company

Torsdag 21/2 2019  20:00
5 Soldiers  – The body is the frontline
Rosie Kay Dance Company

(For English please see below.)

Følg 5 soldaters relationer og følelsesliv under eksercitstræning inden de kastes ned i den afghanske kampzone, dramatisk kæmpende mod den usynlige fjende og ”back home” til rehabilitering. Det prisvindende og 5-stjernede smash hit af et bevægende og højdramatisk danseværk kommer efter 5 udsolgte UK-turneer til Baltoppen LIVE og skildrer sublimt kroppens og sindets skrøbelighed uden politisk moralisering over vores internationale militære engagement. Stærk fysisk karakter, humoristiske øjeblikke og fuld af ærlighed. Det sanselige værk er skabt i tæt samarbejde med såvel tidligere som aktive engelske soldater. Præsenteres i samarbejde med Tim Rushton, Dansk Danseteater og Veterancenteret.

 ”Krig set fra et kvindeligt perspektiv rammer lige i solar plexus (…) Stringent, sanseligt, medfølende.” – The Observer

 ”Med sin knivskarpe fysiske nøjagtighed og sin fine indlevelse ligner forestillingen ikke nogen anden krigs-tematiseret koreografi, jeg har set. (…) 5 SOLDIERS er et foruroligende, krystalklart og vigtigt indblik i en verden, vi allerhelst vil glemme.” – The Guardian

 “En fem-stjernet oplevelse uanset hvad du mener om militæret.” – The Birmingham Press

Se den officielle video trailer.

Se meget mere: www.5soldiers.co.uk

Alle rabatter er gældende (40-235,-) – Rabatbilletter sælges på www.teaterbilletter.dk.
Særpris til veteraner, soldater og pårørende: 50,- (Veteran- og soldaterkort kan forlanges forevist ved indgangen).
Anbefales fra 12 år.
Varighed: Ca. 65 min. uden pause.
Mulighed for tilkøb af spisningsbillet fra kl. 18:00: Økologisk – Farseret lammebryst på kålsalat med bagte rodfrugter (125,-).

Tak til Projektstøtteudvalget for Scenekunst / Statens Kunstfond for særlig støtte fra puljen for Internationale aktiviteter til realisering af ‘5 Soldiers’.

In English:

5 Soldiers – The body is in the frontline
Rosie Kay Dance Company (UK)

A thrilling and humane portrait of army life telling the stories of five men and women serving on the front line.

In 2008, choreographer Rosie Kay joined the 4th Battalion The Rifles, to watch and participate in full battle exercises, and visited the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre for our Armed Forces. What came of these observations is this award-winning, five-star work. Deeply realistic, stark and thrilling, 5 SOLDIERS offers no moral stance on war, but instead questions what it is that we ask of our soldiers and explores how the human body remains essential to war, even in the 21st century, with Kay’s trademark intense physical and athletic dance theatre.

The work changes perceptions of the soldier in the mind of the general public, allowing soldiers to be seen as humans and individuals, showing the sheer effort and physical work involved, and touching people with a deep understanding and portrayal of the life of a soldier. 5 SOLDIERS originally premiered in 2010 and was revived in 2015. The show has been presented in association The British Army in 2016 and 2017 who value the work for its honest reflection of the issues facing modern armies. In 2017 5 SOLDIERS was commissioned by The Space (BBC/Arts Council England) for a live stream and on demand video capture.

• Winner Summerhall Jawbone Award for Greatest Edinburgh Festival Moments 2017
• Nominated for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY (MODERN) at the 2015 National Dance Awards
• Best Dance and Top 10 Dance in 2015 in The Guardian and The Observer; Best Dance and Top 5 Dance in 2015 in The Independent
• Best dance 2017 in The Stage and The Observer
• Awarded an Arts and Health Special Commendation by the Royal Society for Public Health for the company’s excellent contribution to arts and health practice.

Rosie Kay Dance Company:
Brave new dance that thrills and moves people Rosie Kay Dance Company have a reputation for making bold, original and exciting works that challenge perceptions and take on innovative subjects. Highly physical, with astute performances and intense athleticism, we make works that excite audiences with a visceral experience they feel in their bodies and minds. We aim to connect with our audience and are interested in building new audiences and attracting people who may have never seen first-rate contemporary dance before.

Established in 2004 the company exists to nurture and further the creative talents of choreographer and director Rosie Kay, who is recognised as a leading choreographer in dance, film and theatre. Working in partnership with producer James Preston the award winning Rosie Kay Dance Company makes a dynamic range of shows, always exploring in exciting ways what dance can be and how dance can be presented.

Best Independent Company, Critic’s Circle National Dance Awards 2016

★★★★★ “Rosie Kay’s five soldiers are dancers, but in-depth background researches have grounded her moves and their delivery in the physicality, camaraderie and mental challenges of army life.” The Herald

★★★★★ “The armed combat, and devastating injury which closes the show (both brilliantly conveyed by the dancers), not only keeps us riveted, but helps close the gap of understanding between the armed forces and the general public.” The Scotsman

★★★★★ “War from a female perspective packs a punch.. .taut, visceral, compassionate” The Observer

★★★★★ “5 Soldiers is an extraordinary exploration of modern war as a physical experience.” The Independent

★★★★ “Lust, shock and awe.. .5 SOLDIERS is a disturbing, illuminating and necessary glimpse into a world we mostly prefer to ignore” The Guardian, Top 10 Dance of 2015

“For me it was a little bit like doing six months [military tour] in one hour.” Serving Commanding Officer

“Rosie Kay’s use of dance to help create a complex and nuanced picture of conflict is one of the most innovative and compelling initiatives that I have experienced in the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan. It demonstrates how art can be used as a powerful tool in the healing process, how it can touch the extended family of those who have been caught in the horror of battle and how it can send a universal message about the soldier. It is an extraordinary achievement which will make a difference to many people.” General Sir Nick Parker, KCB, CBE

★★★★★  “The story these five soldiers tell is devastating. The integrity with which they work is majestic in this shudderingly frank demonstration of what it can cost to be a soldier.” Edinburgh Guide

★★★★★  “This is an important piece that serves as a reminder that no matter how we talk of war, the front line is still made up of ordinary people with hopes and dreams, just like the rest of us.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

★★★★★ “Not a moment drags in this high-octane hour of humourous highs and gut-wrenching lows.. . This accessible but uncompromising piece is not to be missed.” BroadwayBaby.com

“I am a former Green Jacket soldier…I found the performance deeply moving, relevant and so representative of how soldiers are and how they cope with the contrasting aspects of their lives. Arresting and disturbing. But through it shines the in extinguishable light of the British soldier’s guts, determination and irrepressible sense of humour. “ Audience Member

“Many thanks for providing young people with two inspirational workshops. The sessions far exceeded their expectations; they had fun and were proud of their achievement with the stage performance. I was moved by both performances. This was a rare and unique opportunity for our young people and our community. Thank you for putting the humanity of warfare at the forefront of the performance. In my work I only know soldiers as mums and dads, so it was a brilliant insight for me.” Youth Worker, Army Welfare Services



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5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

5 Soldiers. Foto: Brian Slater

Rosie Kay. Foto: Brian Slater